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National Institute for Laser and Optronics (NILOP) was established in 2007 as a state funded Center of Excellence to provide major facilities in research, education, and technology in the increasingly important area of laser and its applications. NILOP is located about 20km outside Islamabad in the panoramic view of Margalla Hills.
NILOP possess a broad spectrum of technical facilities and expertise making it one of the most integrated facilities in the country with a work force of 80 scientists and engineers. Technical support staff is about 120.
NILOP provides a blend of applied and basic R&D, post-graduate teaching/training and product development for industrial support in the main areas of lasers development, laser spectroscopy, material sciences and bio-photonics etc. Recently NILOP got the status of constitutent college of PIEAS for Ph.D. program in Lasers and Semiconductor Physics.
The associated objectives are achieved by publishing R&D work in high ranking international journals. NILOP has developed excellent local as well as international linkages. Every year number of internees from universities are trained in lasers and optoelectronics.
NILOP has also indigenously developed agro laser and manufactured 1000 systems to Punjab and Sind government. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is another area where laser systems have been developed for skin cancer treatment.